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Everything You Must Know About a Slab Leak

Updated: Oct 27, 2022

Assessment and Restoration From a Slab Leak

No homeowner ever wants to be in a position of finding out that they have a slab leak. This issue most certainly will translate that you have significant issues with the foundation of your home, which in turn, means costly repairs. In many cases, this is high on the list of worst case scenario problems for any homeowner.

A slab leak is a leak in the water pipes beneath the surface and foundation of your home. In specific detail, it is a leak within the concrete slab that your home is built upon. A slab leak can be of monumental consequence, hitting at the very literal foundation that your home is anchored upon. And the leak itself can be anything from a small trickle of water or upwards of a full running path of water. With the causes being numerous, the signs can match those numbers as well. Simply put, your first sign of a slab leak can be as simple as a small uptick in your water usage. However, there do not appear to be any telltale signs of a visible leak. That in and of itself is the true danger, a slab leak can go unnoticed all the while causing substantial foundational damage to your home. Being aware of the signs and having the right resources for assessment and repair can be a homeowners greatest line of defense with a slab leak.

With the awareness now of what a slab leak is, lets loop around to the signs and signals of a slab leak. With any luck, if any one or more of these boxes are checked, hopefully it is just in the beginning stages when you discover the problem. A few of the more telltale signs that your home is experiencing a slab leak may include:

  • You can hear water running under the floors however your faucets and appliances are off and not running.

  • There are warm or even wet spots on your floor. A noticeable difference in the temperature of the rest of your home's flooring.

  • Floorboards are or start to become warped or buckling in one or more spots.

  • Your monthly water bill suddenly has a spike in cost and usage.

  • You may experience an odor of musty, mold or mildew.

  • General decrease in water pressure.

  • Standing water near or around your home’s foundation with no clear direction that its coming from a visible source such as a faucet, hose or sprinkler system.

While any one of the symptoms may not be the cause on their own, quite often the signals will come in pairs or even greater groupings. The symptoms remain the same as does the outcome and if left untreated or ignored the consequences will be major.

Something as seemingly minor as a tiny pinhole from corrosion or deterioration in a pipe can jumpstart a slab leak. That tiny hole can grow exponentially, creating a full flood of water into your yard or home interior. Unfortunately, the damage usually does not stop there. If the leak is left unnoticed or untreated, in time that water leak will weaken the entire foundation of your home leaving its base cracked and compromised and ultimately subject to loss of an entire portion of the home. This is clearly an issue that cannot be overstated enough. Awareness and education is a resource that any homeowner cannot go without.

At the first indication of any of these signs, time is truly of the essence. You can be assured that this will not go away. Immediate attention is crucial. Assessment and repair are in short order. Know your resources and keep them on hand. A well qualified assessment and repair professional will absolutely make the difference between a small repair and an enormous repair.