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As soon as you discover mold in your home, you’ll want to work with an experienced company that specializes in mold clean up services – so contact the professional and knowledgeable team here at Pulido Cleaning & Restoration right away!

While mold spores are present in almost every environment, no one wants to hear the word “mold” used to describe the condition of their property. Mold becomes particularly hazardous in enclosed spaces that have both poor ventilation and an abundance of moisture. If it goes untreated, mold can continue to grow and spread, leading to a much bigger problem.

The EPA estimates have determined that there are 50 to 100 potential hazardous mold strains. A few produce mycotoxins, such as Stachybotrys and Trichoderma, which can present some serious health issues.


The first thing to understand about mold is that, because it’s one of nature’s ways of breaking down organic matter, it’s found everywhere. You’re most likely breathing in harmless mold spores right now! However, mold becomes dangerous when it’s allowed to fester in an enclosed environment, such as your bathroom or in a wet kitchen cabinet.

Moist and humid conditions, many times caused by water damage, contribute to the rapid growth and development of mold and, upon discovery, should be handled immediately by professional mold removal specialists.


  • Once a month do a quick check of the places mold is likely to grow: bathrooms, kitchen sink, and surrounding areas, showers, attics, and basements..

  • If you have small children and infants in your home, be sure to keep their rooms and toys clean and do mold checks on a weekly basis. Cleaning will help to reduce mold-related health risks.

  • Areas that do not get much airflow can be hotbeds for mold and fungal growth. Place fans in attics and basements to help.

  • Mold does not generally like well-lit areas. Opening rooms to the sunlight is another way to minimize mold spores.

Mold Clean Up Services – How Can Pulido Help?

If you’ve found mold in your home, contact the mold removal specialists at Pulido Cleaning & Restoration right away so we can immediately evaluate your home for mold cleanup. Certain types of mold can cause severe health problems, so don’t delay in calling for help!

Also, because mold isn’t always visible, if you’re even slightly concerned that your property might contain mold, it’s vital to bring in a certified hygienist to test the air-quality for its presence. Pulido has a great working relationship with a premier and reputable environmental company in your area that we can refer to help with your mold detection.

When you find yourself in need of a mold removal company, come straight to us at Pulido Cleaning & Restoration and let us handle the rest!

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