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How to Avoid Disaster During the Holidays: Outdoor

Preparation tips for seasonal success

The holidays are a very festive, very social time of year for many people. Being the “life of the party” does not always mean being the most jovial. Being the “life of the party” for some translates to be the host for what feels like everyone that they know. Being the hub for entertaining is the welcome or possibly un-welcome reality for many homeowners. It's a time of year to bring friends and family into your home, to socialize and celebrate the season. For those that do host and celebrate a constant stream of guests there can be a few checks and balances to the season that may make the difference in a successful season or an absolute disaster.

As often as possible it pays to do a little pre-check on your home especially if your home has the tendency to be the hub during the holidays. Increased usage of any kind will tax your home on all fronts. Plumbing, heating and drainage could be your greatest liability if not properly prepared. Burst pipes in your home are certainly an unwelcome occurrence in what is otherwise a generally festive and welcoming time of year. With the colder weather of the winter months a burst pipe is far more common than anyone is happy to admit. While there are no guarantees here are a few tried and true tips to help prevent your home pipes from freezing and in turn bursting in and flooding your home. And if you should find yourself in the position of a flood and possible water damage, the right resource is hands down your saving grace.

  • Tip #1: Always know who to call if an emergency happens. In the unfortunate occasion that disaster happens mid-gathering, knowing who to call immediately is going to be your greatest resource.

  • Tip #2 : Usage preparation of all types can use a little proactive tasking.

  • Have your rain gutters cleaned and serviced removing any debris that has accumulated over the year. Blocked gutters can backup during increased rainfall and flood into the walls and interiors of the home. Rain gutters are your roof’s delivery system. The gutters will direct water flow out and away from a home's roof line carrying that overflow away from the foundation

  • Even in the warmer states outdoor temperatures drop and outdoor plumbing can be very vulnerable. Disconnect hoses from the outside faucet: When water in a hose freezes and it is attached to an outside source that will in turn increase the amount of pressure within the pipes inside of the home and almost certainly cause a burst interior pipe.

  • Be aware of overloaded outdoor electrical components like wall plugs with extension cords. These must be kept away from any flow of water and always maintain a safe space away from clutter and debris.

A little preparation will undoubtedly save you time and stress during the holidays. As all manner of businesses- repair and maintenance- are busy during the holidays, if the need for service is on an in case of emergency basis you have your resources lined up. Should a problem occur even with proactive preparation, knowing who to call will be your saving grace as a homeowner. Always partner with a quality service provider so when you need them you know exactly who to call.