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First Steps When Dealing With a Slab Leak Are Critical

Slab leak series

Part 2 of 2: First Steps

So now that we know what a slab leak is and we know how to identify the signs of a possible slab leak, the next logical and possibly most important step is to know what to do if you suspect your home has a slab leak.

While it's not unusual for slab leaks to go undetected for quite some time, it doesn't mean that it has or will continue to grow and subsequently mean that your home's foundation is doomed. Understanding the problem and taking action as quickly as possible is the solution. First steps are a critical piece of knowledge. Here are the most imperative initial steps to take immediately after you suspect there is a problem:

  • Turn off all water fixtures and any appliances that use water

  • Turn off all outdoor irrigation systems

  • Locate your home's water meter. There is often a dial that will detect a leak. If not write down the usage numbers and wait 30-60 minutes and check the difference in usage. This may or may not signal that problem but it will be useful information to provide to your repair resources.

  • Call a plumber, Call a restoration service immediately.

No homeowner ever wants to find out they have a slab leak and unfortunately they are more common than you would think. While most often the signs are there even if the immediate visual recognition of the leak is not, ignoring the signals is what will cause the greatest damage of all. . The faster you act on this problem the faster the ability to fix it happens. A slab leak is nothing to take lightly and must be addressed at first sign. Trusted and reliable resources are crucial at this time.

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