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Everything You Need to Know About Contents Restoration After a Fire

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Contents restoration - your ultimate resource guide

Restoration can be a daunting process. Literally picking up the pieces after a home accident or disaster can be overwhelming to say the least. The “to do” list seems to grow and grow with little to no end in sight. Even finding the right place to begin can seem wrought with tasks and timelines that can feel devastating itself. This is where a homeowner needs help and needs help fast. The restoration process wears many hats and each one is as crucial as the next. Afterall, putting a life back together is no simple feat. Which is precisely why your resources are your greatest asset as a homeowner within this process.

Of the many procedures and tasks of restoration, the “Contents Restoration” might be the most poignant and sensitive for families recovering from an accident or disaster, large or small. Repairing and restoring your possessions is no small feat and a task that is taken very seriously. And while we clearly know “why” it's done, the “how” is just as important in the understanding of the process, timelines and all.

Within the restoration process you will find a variety of repair, removal and rebuild. The final stage of the overall process will be assessing and rehabilitating the contents of the structure and bringing life back into the home. For a better understanding of the process here are a few steps or questions to know in order to effectively move from one step to another within the restoration process.

  • Identifying your most important items to be saved or repaired

  • Partner with your restoration company. Knowing what can be saved is their job, knowing what needs to be saved or at least attempted is a homeowner’s job.

  • Work closely with your insurance company on policy expectations and claim caps.

  • Maintain a clear scope of what may not be salvageable. Within this, know what can and should be replaced and what you can part with.

With a disaster situation like a fire which produces smoke damage, clothing may be a likely casualty. A little-known fact is that well trained contents restoration companies may be up to 40% more likely to fully repair and restore apparel to pre-smoke damage conditions as opposed to standard garment dry cleaning and repair. Again, your resources are your greatest asset in situations like these.

Situational expectations as one of the most valuable tools in recovering from an emergency. The simple peace of mind knowing you as a homeowner are not tasked with navigating this process alone. Knowing the scope of what needs to be done and how long it will take to complete will easily be your first step towards returning to normal. While that may not look the same as before, that normal will be a return to life that is much needed.

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