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Avoid Fire and Clean Your Dryer Vents: Why Its Necessary

The dryer vent, is it something you ever think about? Besides cleaning out the lint trap (which many people think is the actual vent), is it even necessary to do? It seems harmless enough and in fact is anything but harmless. In this case what you don't know can harm you and your home.

The dryer vent can cause more than just a minor irritation of barely dried clothing. Running a full cycle only to have your clothes or linens still damp is a clear indication that the vent needs attention. Little known, is that every year over $30 million in homeowner damages is reported due to dryer vent fires. Over time, lint can accumulate in the ducts and mix with hot air and ignite which creates a substantial fire hazard.

It is recommended that these vents be cleaned out twice a year, one of which should be done professionally. Attention and care of your dryer's exhaust system should be on your annual home maintenance schedule. Typically, this service takes about an hour to complete per appliance and will take longer in a home with more than one unit. A well qualified service provider will give you a full scope of the process before any work begins.

Another example of how small proactive steps throughout the year will save you time, money and safety. Not only will this service help you maintain a clean exhaust system but it will drastically improve the efficiency of your appliance, decrease the running time and reduce the risk factors of a fire. Awareness is crucial and knowing the signs of a possible problem before it becomes a crisis is imperative. And always having the right resource for service is a homeowners greatest asset of all.

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