Causes of Water Damage

Causes of Water Damage | Fire Damage Restoration


We know that you want to keep your family or employees, and property, safe from harm. And although you can’t control a natural disaster that brings about floods or fires, there are a few things to take note of around the house or office that can help you avoid potential property damage.

Many items or bad habits you employ can possibly lead to fire or water damage. And since we already know the obvious issues, we have decided to look at some of the uncommon causes of fire and water damage in this post.

5 Uncommon Causes of Fire Damage

  1. Glass Items

    You’ve done the science experiment as a kid. You know that when light passes through a magnifying glass, a fire can start if the glass is pointed to a flammable object. Even though this may sound like a stretch, light passing through an empty jar or crystal object can also start a fire.

    If the light is refracted by these items towards, say, paper or curtains with enough time, a fire can start. Where do you keep your glass items? Time to take stock.

  2. Dishwashers

    Although dishwashers are our handy helpers in the kitchen, they can also be dreaded fire starters. And not just because they are electrical appliances. When a faulty dishwasher has water dripping onto the machine’s internal wires, it can cause a fire.

    The trick with all your electrical devices is to include them on a regular maintenance schedule to keep them in tip-top shape. This will ensure you have no surprise fires starting in and around the house.

  3. 9-volt Batteries

    Although 9-volt batteries aren’t very powerful; if you don’t dispose of them properly, they can be hazardous.

    If the battery’s posts somehow come in contact with a piece of metal and the piece of metal then touches an item that’s flammable, like a piece of paper or magazine, you’ll find a fire can start.

    Before disposing of your old batteries, place a piece of tape on the posts; that way, you can be sure that you should be safe even if they find their way next to a piece of metal.

    Also, be on the lookout for a local recycling depot or company that will dispose of batteries correctly.

  4. Computers

    Not our trusty work companions! As we’re sure you’ve felt for yourself, laptops create quite a bit of heat when operating for several hours, and actually, most PC’s and even gaming equipment are prone to overheating.

    No matter whether it’s dust, a malfunction, or even an electrical shortage that is the cause, these devices can start a fire if close to a flammable item due to the extreme heat they create.

  5. Dust

    Okay, now we know you think we are crazy. But think about your dust bunnies. Come on; we know you have some – they’re in those hard-to-reach places like under the beds or sofas. If these dust bunnies travel close to a wall socket or a heating appliance, they can ignite.

    What will happen is sparks will fly towards them, and then once they catch fire, they may spread to nearby furniture or other flammable objects. Make sure you are checking under your furniture for dust bunnies and vacuuming them up regularly.

Uncommon Causes of Water Damage

Of course, the most common causes of water damage are severe weather conditions, burst pipes, sewage backups, and problematic HVAC units. But let’s take a look at the more unexpected causes of water damage here.


How often do you check that your gutters are not blocked or damaged? We’re guessing the answer is not too often. I mean, who can even see their gutters or even notice them.

But another critical item to be on a regular maintenance schedule is gutters. If your gutter is clogged, water can pool up on the outside and inside of your home or building. This can lead to water damage and mold growth.


Using water to contain a fire is essential. But this in itself can cause a lot of property damage. And the mix of soot and water is quite damaging to your furnishings and property. We are often unaware of how extensive this water damage can be, and if unlucky, this water damage can lead to mold growth.

Turn to the Fire and Water Restoration Experts in a Time of Crisis

Finding fire and water restoration companies that provide you with all the tools and options that you need to get your property back to its original state, whether dealing with fire or flood damage, is essential.

At Pulido Cleaning and Restoration, we take care of the entire fire water restoration process and beyond what can be seen at a glance.

Contact us today for a free consultation and learn why homeowners and big businesses trust us to restore, rebuild and recover their property after damage.

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